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Written by GD, on 14-01-2009 08:50:

I used to work for this guy and all the above claims are 100% true. This guy will avoid those he owes money to and lie to those he thinks he can scam. He operates under many different names and continues to scam even on eBay. Tyler will tell you that it is his competitors that are trying to undermine him but the truth is that Tyler is the only one doing the damage. I have watched him lie to people and then threaten them with bodily harm. I have seen him scheme and plot to steel loads from his competitor by calling their customers and telling the unknowing customer that the competition is lying. He enjoys the plot. He spends most of his time sleeping but if he is working then it is only working on ways to scam whoever calls him. He is someone to be very careful of dealing with. UTI should listen to all the people that have complained. I have filed against him. If you have been scammed by this dude then you should file charges with UTI too. WARNING- dont not give him your credit card information because he will save it and use it for his own shopping sprees. He has done this already - for those who already have fallen victim - check your charges!

One last note; don't be fooled – Tyler B Sheff is not as smart as he pretends to be he just lies so good that he believes his own lies.

When has competition and breaking the law gone too far? Based on a UTi Transport Agent Tyler Sheff, it should go as far as bodily threats and physical harm.

Tyler Sheff, who has been reported online for bait and switching, seems to feel directing his anger on these actions at other companies/people. To the point where in desperation he threatens to break legs and hunt people down. Not very professional if you ask me……..

Per Tyler Sheff's remarks online:

"Run and hide ***"

"time to feel pain"


"coming to find you"

"legs to be broken"

"you are a ***"

"boy this is gonna hurt"

Is this the model employee that UTi Transport Solutions allows? By their corporate counsel Dennis Heil (General Counsel / VP Legal UTi Transport Solutions Inc. - a UTi Worldwide Company), yes and he has allowed it to continue.

I was told that since their company representative is an independent agent, they have no control over them. If that is the case, then it would seem that UTi has a bigger problem than rogue agents.

Where does the liability fall? Who can be liable? Does it seem UTi Worldwide allows their agents to break the laws, even when they are opening themselves to litigation by allowing and condoning illegal activity from their agents.

Logged IP addresses showing a trail of lies and threats of physical harm have been presented to Dennis Heil of UTi and his answer? Do nothing say it is not UTi's issue. Even though all agents who access UTi via computer need a static IP address, he still denies this illegal activity happened.

There have been several reports about Tyler Sheff and his "shady" practices to getting legal brokers kicked off a website so he can run his dubious practices of bait and switch.

He has also been known to purchase domain names in forms of competitor's business names as well as personal names and create slanderous blogs and pages about those people.

He has also emailed and called companies as a UTi Transport Solutions representative and lied about employees and their actions to try to get them fired from that business. UTi's response, nothing that we have seen.

Who does this really hurt? Tyler Sheff, a UTi Worldwide agent seems to think only his competitors. UTi legal counsel Dennis Heil seems to think it is not a UTi Worldwide company issue.

Tyler Sheff operates under several business names/aliases

eBay: parcelsforward (has been changed multiple times)


Tyler Sheff Incorporated (listed under different address)

Captaintylersheff (located on Amazon but not restricted to)

On a report listed:

Tyler Sheff in his own words states "It is unfortunate that a competitor chooses to use slander as a tool to increase his business…. we pity them for feeling the need to resort

to such childish antics". It seems that Tyler Sheff; FairPricedshipping/UTi Worldwide agent cannot take his own sagacious advice.

Per Dennis Heils' statement about this legitimate threat of violence from a UTi Worldwide agent: "high school kids sniping at each other". Does this mean that in his high school days, he faced physical threats and violence that seems commonplace and acceptable? Was breaking someone's legs a typical school day? What a rough neighborhood he grew up in.

Authorities in multiple states have been notified that UTI Worldwide agent Tyler Sheff o is the IP address owner, which was not denied my UTi. He should be held accountable for his crimes and I am sure they are working diligently to put together the pieces to make sure this type of dishonest work and more importantly, threats to do bodily harm are documented and that he be held responsible. Hopefully UTi Transport (UTi Worldwide) will take the same action and eliminate their exposure to legal proceedings do to a "rogue" UTi agent and realize that physical violence is not how most companies succeed. I have heard of Guerrilla Marketing but this is far beyond the normal scope of doing business.

So far UTi Worldwide's reaction "Obviously if you can track his IP address you have the means to block him from your site easily enough". Yea, that's what we will do, that will stop Tyler Sheff from following through on bodily harm and I can see that IP block working on my home or office front door or better yet, my 6 year old daughters' school. Thanks for your actions Dennis Heil, I feel so protected now.

I hope Eric W. Kirchner UTi worldwide's new CEO does not make company decisions based on this sage advice from UTi's lackluster crack legal team.

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Solim, Goa, India #50736

This is just a fiasco for this scammer on (fairpricedshipping) to steal more money for the uneducated. If you ship through him, you will not only pay MORE than what you were quoted but he has your credit card number and you have allowed him to use it anyway he wants.

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